New Feature: Alias Address

Guerrilla Mail doesn’t require registration or login – you simply visit the site and a new email address is minted right before your eyes, no clicking or typing necessary.

That’s great, however, since there’s no password, you’ve probably already assumed that anyone who knows your Inbox ID may have access to your email. That’s satisfactory for most cases, but if you need more privacy and security, then we have the Alias Address feature.

Using an Alias Address will further protect your privacy and security by providing you with a special address which points to your inbox, but hides your Inbox ID.  Alias Address cannot be used as an Inbox IDs, so it’s not easy for someone to know what Inbox ID was used.

For example, an Alias for is

For the best results, make your Inbox ID harder-to-guess! Why?

Because the Alias is always identical for each Inbox ID, and if you use a common name such as ‘test’, there’s a greater probability that someone used the identical Inbox ID before, and they have remembered which Inbox ID generated that alias. Email addresses are often leaked on the web, so someone could do a web search for the Alias to see if it has been used it before. Of course, these are just possibilities – not that anyone would want to do that, and you’re better off instead with using and email service provider that actually has passwords and 2-factor authentication. [Insert a Paranoid Parrot meme here]

So, the Alias Address adds another layer of security without the need for passwords. The random 8 character address given to you at the start should be adequate for most uses. Enjoy!