Latest Improvements to Guerrilla Mail

We have made the following improvements to Guerrilla Mail in the last few days

– You can now get a Guerrilla Mail address without the need to to visit Guerrilla Mail first! When you are on a form which requires an email address, simply think of a random email address for, use it, then check it later. (To check your email, visit Guerrilla Mail and set to the address that you thought of, then refresh so that the system will load your email form the quarantine. Emails are held in the quarantine for 1 hour). The old way still works too.
– Fixed bugs with character encoding so that non-English emails display correctly. (Previously, the emails were not correctly converted to UTF-8)
– Made changes to our server back-end so that emails are placed directly in to the database as they arrive. (Before they were placed on disk by the mail server and then fetched using POP, which was very inefficient)
– Added a simple AJAX list to the home page showing the subjects of the latest emails received and other statistics. Now you can see what Guerrilla Mail is up to in real time!

We welcome your feedback on these features.