Brace yourself, spam is coming!

For those who celebrated Thanksgiving, we hope you enjoyed your turkey!

It’s now coming up to the season where the spam and ham volume increases as businesses fight for your dollar and promote their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Need to give your email address for a coupon or using a site that you don’t trust with your email? Guerrilla Mail is here to make your shopping safer and protect you from future spam!

Here are some quick tips:

– It is best not to click on any of the links in a commercial email. Most commercial email messages contain tracking links, which record your click. If you click on a tracking link then there’s a chance that the sender will send you similar emails in the future. Instead, try to locate the site by typing in the URL in the browser and navigating directly.

– If you must click on the link, be sure to hover over the link first to see that the address of the link is in fact to the website that you’re familiar with. Phishing emails often can appear as newsletters / alerts from sites that you registered with before. Phishing emails may look real, even contain your real name or other personal info as sophisticated phishing attacks are becoming more common.

– Ensure that HTTPS is on. When visiting the seller’s website, be sure to check for the padlock icon on the left of your browser’s address bar. You want click on the padlock icon to check that their certificate is valid and that the server that you have connected to is verified.

– Your real email address is valuable information, they want it badly so that they can spam you with deals! One aggressive practice some sites use to grab your email is to hold you up with a pop-up or a modal window. Look for a cross button to close it, most sites will let you close it and get the deal anyway without giving your email. Some site make it user-unfriendly to close it. For example, has a “Already registered?” link which will close the window and allow you to continue.

– How many times do you see, “Earn $10 for submitting your email address”? Would you like spam with that? You’re better off with going to a website where the price is $10 off already. If you must give them an email, we’re here to help!

– It’s better to buy from a trusted seller. However, there are times when even though you trust the seller to deliver you a good product/service, you still don’t trust them with your email! For that, you know what to do – is your friend.

Happy shopping this season from Guerrilla Mail!