Updates: HTTPS always on

Today we turned on SSL for guerrillamail.com and decided that HTTPS will always be on for all web traffic. This should help increase privacy, and get ready for some other features that may be rolled out in the near future! Although Guerrilla Mail doesn’t need passwords, it still uses sessions, which means that using HTTPS will ensure that the session information is always encrypted when it is transferred on the internet.

Here is a summary of what was rolled out today:

– Increased page load speed: Split in to ‘on-demand’ tabs, Password Manager is loaded on demand, moved all the social buttons to the About Us page.

РUser Interface changes:  Adjusted styles for buttons, moved content up so that inbox  is more visible, email is selected by default so that it can be copied with the keyboard, re-arranged domain selection, changed Inbox id editing to be more obvious

– Password Manager bug fixes

– Fixed a bug with IE8 (thanks for reporting)


Finally, here is a cool plugin you can use to turn HTTPS on by default with many major websites:

“HTTPS Everywhere” https://www.eff.org/https-everywhere/


Thanks for visiting us!