New Features

New features were added to Guerrilla Mail in the past few days – GuerillaMail Subscription. Only $24/year and get the following benefits: No expiration, Email forwarding, No ads, Use with our other domains.
The other domains are:
Also, the the server was re-configured in the way emails are processed – improving efficiently.
The normal service is still free as always!

Update on May 2012:

We realize that these features were only half-baked when they were released, so we removed the subscription and added the domains for all users to use. This was 2009 and so many improvements have been added since then. We hope to add a better premium service some time in the future.

4 responses to “New Features

  1. OMG! Thank you very much for your existance, I never though that some service like querillamail exist! Awesome! Really helpful in some registration situations on some sites :-)

  2. Can’t believe I wasted my time with this buggy non functional service.

    2 weeks ago I tried to auth my name in an IRC network and used guerrillamail. Why? Becauuse the auth bot told me mailinator isn’t allowed but it didn’t have problem with guerrillamail. But the mail didn’t come through and I allowed more than 10 seconds before using it. In the end the network admin in the help channel just enabled my accound manually.

    Then today I tried to use this service to sign up to but ended up again waiting an hour like an idiot without getting any mail. Then I logged in hotmail and tried to mail the address and surprise surprise the mail didn’t come through. WTF is this shit… Then I used mailinator instead and the mail was a second later in the inbox.

    To summarise, **** this buggy pos site. Yes I’m frustrated especially when the original username has to stay in limbo now. Needless to say I ain’t ever coming back to this site and bookmark is deleted.

  3. Thanks for reporting. If anyone else is having similar problems – please let me know.
    There were server upgrades & tweaks to the configuration done two weeks ago, hence it may have been your problem. Really sorry about that, but maintenance and upgrades have to be done sometimes. It should work now. Please report if there are any problems, thanks!

  4. Thanks for this site got it in readers digest.. can’t you come up with a way to send emails from this address? and if there is such a function please advise me as to how i can access it thanks

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