Reverse DNS Lookup tool:

Today we launched a new service;

This tool can be used to find out which domains are hosted on a single server or IP. It’s easy to use, and gives you some great information that could be useful to anyone.

This Reverse DNS Lookup service is free to use!

See this image below to get a quick impression of the information you get with this service.

Find out more at!


Update: Since changed management in 2009, has been shut down by the previous owners.

6 responses to “Reverse DNS Lookup tool:

  1. How do you send email with guerilla mail. I cant find ANYTHING that tells how to use guerilla mail!

  2. Nice tool. But I wonder why some sub domains are listed but others are not. Actually I would not expect to see sub domains at all, to be honest ;) I donĀ“t know the mechanism behind, else I would have an idea about the reason maybe ;)

  3. GuerrillaDNS does not seem to get all domains. I have 18 distinct domains on one IP/server, yet it only finds 6. Yet, if I type in any of the 18 domains, it still finds the same 6!

  4. @Mike;

    Correct; it’s nearly impossible to retreive each and every domain. We are building our database list every day. So it keeps growing, and should be better in the near future. However we still have a great coverage for most servers!

  5. I just wanted to say thanks for what you’re doing here! As a privacy nut myself, I think you provide an indispensable service. You’ve have definitely earned a link on my privacy blog. In fact I just did a related article very recently. I don’t know how I missed you guys before. Now I have to write another! Keep up the good work.

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