Testing now: Sending – our most requested feature!

Today we are rolled out a beta version of the most requested feature: ability to Compose, Forward and Reply emails.

We also added the ability to transfer files! Right now, the maximum is 150MB, but this will change in the future as we improve our system. We’re thinking that in the future, Guerrilla Mail may be used for temporary file hosting – right now, files stay up for 24hrs for whoever has the link from the sent email.

This is just a beta version for now, we’ll see how it goes. Currently we have use mandatory CAPTCHA to deal with spam. We also run the outgoing messages through a spam filter to check spam.

We hope to get your feedback! http://www.guerrillamail.com

4 responses to “Testing now: Sending – our most requested feature!

  1. CAPTCHA is too long and not very clear, a shorter version will be better, please improve this.

  2. The CAPTCHA is the best solution that we can find with a good balance between preventing spam and usability. If a CAPTCHA is too long or unclear, please hit the refresh button.
    Other than that, we will be adding some improvements in the future. The service is in beta for now.

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