Update on Translations

Thank you for all response we got for our request to help us translate this cool service in more languages. We received more than 100 offers so far, on our blog and in our mailbox.

Just to be sure, it’s a volunteer job!

We are looking for a good solution to get all translations in good condition, hope to find a solution in the next few weeks. If you promised to help, expect to receive an email from us before september 1st.

Thanks so far!

28 responses to “Update on Translations

  1. Hi, I’m italian and I could help you to translate your service. Contact me if you need help.


  2. I’m brazilian, and I can help it out by translating the page to portuguese. If you need, just mail me.

    Keep on the great job. o/

  3. I can translate for you in Hindi (Spoken by 80 million people, national language of India), if you want.

    I love your services.
    Please let me know at coolaery at gmail dot com

  4. I’m Norwegian. I can translate to Norwegian for you if you want, let me know.

  5. I can translate to finnish if you want :D google translate would just mess it up, though it is fun to read :D

  6. I’m italian and i can help with the translation, or make it from scratch if you need it. Bye!

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