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Roll your own disposable email site!

Disposable email with your name on it ™

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(Enter a domain name that you already own and are able to modify the domain's DNS records)

- 30 day money-back guarantee if you change your mind
- Subject to Terms and Conditions
- Intended for personal or private use for example, hobby / enthusiast and other small scale use. Commercial / Enterprise level offerings are under development.

What you'll get

Private Guerrilla Mail domain benefits

  • Use Guerrilla Mail with your own domain
  • Email arriving to your domain is set for your exclusive use by default (password protected)
  • API access to your domain
  • 100% Cloud based solution, no complicated software or servers to manage
  • Your own link to access email from, no ads

My own Disposable Mail site benefits

  • ...all above, plus:
  • Roll Your Own, fully customizable, white-label disposable email site
  • Customize any HTML, run your own ads, eg AdSense
  • Examples include: and

What you'll need

  • A domain name that you already own
  • Ability to change your domain's DNS records


Branded Site: $28 USD / year

Private Domain: $8 USD / year

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