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Roll your own disposable email site!

Disposable email with your name on it ™

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(Enter a domain name that you already own and are able to modify the domain's DNS records)

- 30 day money-back guarantee if you change your mind
- Subject to Terms and Conditions
- Intended for personal or private use for example, hobby / enthusiast and other small scale use. Commercial / Enterprise level offerings are under development.

What you'll get

Private Guerrilla Mail domain benefits

  • Use Guerrilla Mail with your own domain
  • Email arriving to your domain is set for your exclusive use by default (password protected)
  • API access to your domain
  • 100% Cloud based solution, no complicated software or servers to manage
  • Your own link to access email from, no ads

My own Disposable Mail site benefits

  • ...all above, plus:
  • Roll Your Own, fully customizable, white-label disposable email site
  • Customize any HTML, run your own ads, eg AdSense
  • Examples include: and

What you'll need

  • A domain name that you already own
  • Ability to change your domain's DNS records


Branded Site: $28 USD / year

Private Domain: $8 USD / year

Guerrilla Mail - Direcciones de email temporales

¿No quieres mostrarles tu verdadera cuenta de email? Utiliza un email temporal. Sin necesidad de registrarse, cada sesión dura 60 minutos. Hasta el momento, ha pocesado 1,781,975,438 emails, de los cuales 12,608,639 eran válidos y han sido entregados, eliminando un 1,769,366,799 de mails spam (107169 emails serán almacenados como pendientes de revisión / hora)
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