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Report Abuse

Our service doesn't have accounts or registration, and all information is deleted from our server after 1 hour. Which means that we must rely on information that you give us to help control abuse. Here you can help us by reporting any abuse, and you may also opt-out your email address from any future email.

Guerrilla Mail is an anti-spam solution. We help 300,000+ people a month to avoid spam, and our systems absorbs millions of spam messages each day. Guerrilla Mail also has a strict anti-abuse policy and we have a policy in place to deter abuse.

Report from:

If you have received abusive email (or any email against our TOS), we recommend that you check this option. We also recommend that you do not reply or click any links in that email. This setting will be taken in to effect immediately.
You can provide some details of the abuse or any comments/complaints that you may have.
Email Headers are the most important information that you may give us. Email headers can be retrieved by looking at the original source of the email. If you don't know how to get the headers, please ask someone technical or try 'email headers' on Google.


Why did I receive this email?

Guerrilla Mail is very convenient for receiving email. It is useful for such cases where you need to give an email address to someone you do not trust, and any future spam goes to us. It can be also used for sending email too, although we make sending less convenient, and we have a policy to deter abuse. You may use this form to block all future email coming from Guerrilla Mail.

Can this service be used to send spam?

We hate spam! We receive huge amount of it daily so you don't have to... As for outgoing email, we have a spam filter in place. The spam filter checks all outgoing email using bayesian filtering and a few other tricks, including black-list lookup and our own anti-spam database. We also have CAPTCHA in place, and all users must pass a challenge to verify that they are human.

Some user used this service to send an email. Can you track them down?

Nope... We do not have account registration or collect identification data. Any email, in or out, is temporary and deleted. We do not keep logs for longer than 24 hours. Do you need to get the originating IP Address of the email? You may find more details in the headers of the email that you received.

Do you have any tips for how to deal with abusive email?

It's important to remember that the written, non-verbal nature of internet communication can amplify or distort the interpretations of abusive messages. We recommend that you: 1. Do not take these messages seriously, 2. Do not reply or show any response to such emails. 3. Use the blocking feature and block all email from Guerrilla Mail. 4. Do not give any reaction to the message - you may be unintentionally giving the sender gratification or some other reinforcement by reacting to the message.

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