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New Project: Jibr.com

At this time we are working on a new project.

It’s still in stealth BETA but you can request an invite for Jibr.com if you would like to get news about what it will be.

I’m looking for some great reliable PHP/MYSQL/AJAX experts, please get in touch with me and let me know if you would like to joing our team. Please keep in mind, our budget is extreme low.. So don’t expect high wages.

It’s possible to work from around the globe, no need to work at our office!

Update: Guerrilla Mail changed owners since this post was made. Jibr.com is not related to Guerrilla Mail

Currently updating to new Version!

As you probably will see, we are in the process of updating our service!

Expect to be online in 2 hours from now!


We upgraded successfully, will post all new features next week!