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Guerrilla Mail gets an API

App developers: Did you know that Guerrilla Mail has an API? Here is the doc – http://www.guerrillamail.com/GuerrillaMailAPI.html

What can the API be used for? It can be used to create a new version of the site for a different platform / programming language. For example, Android, iPhone / iPad App, Facebook App, or to create a text version of the site, or add Guerrilla Mail to your own apps!

The API is accessed through the HTTP protocol using GET or POST, and the results are returned in JSON.

Version History:
version 1.0, 19th Apr 2011 – First Draft

Happy Coding!

New Features: Display Images

Guerrilla Mail blocks all remote images on emails by default, because images are often used as beacons to track you. Today we have added a new feature, so that when an email with images is displayed, a ‘display images’ link will be shown above the email… Click on this link and the images will be loaded in.

Also, displaying of HTML emails was improved, so now more HTML email should be formatted correctly. (For those who want the technical details, we use the excellent HTML filtering library from htmlpurifier.org to filter our HTML email)