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Reverse DNS Lookup tool: GuerrillaDNS.com

Today we launched a new service; GuerrillaDNS.com

This tool can be used to find out which domains are hosted on a single server or IP. It’s easy to use, and gives you some great information that could be useful to anyone.

This Reverse DNS Lookup service is free to use!

See this image below to get a quick impression of the information you get with this service.

Find out more at GuerrillaDNS.com!


Update: Since GuerrillaMail.com changed management in 2009, GuerrillaDNS.com has been shut down by the previous owners.

Update on Translations

Thank you for all response we got for our request to help us translate this cool service in more languages. We received more than 100 offers so far, on our blog and in our mailbox.

Just to be sure, it’s a volunteer job!

We are looking for a good solution to get all translations in good condition, hope to find a solution in the next few weeks. If you promised to help, expect to receive an email from us before september 1st.

Thanks so far!