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Please Help us Fix Problems

Last  couple of weeks we kept getting messages about problems regarding HTML messages.

We do feel to keep this service the way it is now. All content in HMTL messages is skipped out and we only display the text in the messages. This is due to security reasons on our backend. Sorry for that!

But one issue we are not able to replicate is the problem regarding the special characters like : “ä, ö, ü” etc.

Please help us to fix problems by sending screenshots of errors you think we should work on. Please do only send images in jpg or png format. You can mail us at: mailguerrillamail@gmail.com

As you may have noticed this website is listed for sale on sedo. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested.

However, we keep working on this site and improving the service for you!

We’re proud to have created 1,285,341 tempory accounts so far. We received: 24,207,542 emails of whom only 942,925 were legitimed messages. So we’ve receive 23,263,252 unsollicited mail since then!

Almost 25 million emails received! That’s a huge amount of spam catched.