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We need your feedback!

As most of you have seen during the last month, we’ve been looking for a buyer to take over the GuerrillaMail project. As we didn’t find a buyer with only good intentions, we decided to invest more time in this project ourselves.

Unfortunately the costs of operating this website have grown significantly over the years. We’re unable to provide this service if we don’t come up with a source of income.

We’re not about making loads of money, but hope to earn just enough to make it worthwhile for us to spending the time and effort in keeping this website running.

At this moment we are looking in the options to provide a premium service for our best-users.

    Secure SSL connection!
    Twitter-notifications (DM for new messages)
    API integration
    IM integration
    No Ads
    Multiple temporary e-mail addresses at same moment
    Expire e-mail addresses as you like
    etc.. (please comment with suggestions!)

Sounds great right? Please help us by giving an answer to our poll below. Thanks in advance!

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